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Missing Persons In Australia provide locate services for a number of diverse reasons. Whether you are attempting to locate a lost loved one, family member, debtor, old friend, pet, witness or someone required for a court matter we can help you.  Statics from the Australian Federal Police reveal 35,000 missing people are reported every year in Australia – that’s one missing person every 15 minutes.

People go missing for various reasons and it can greatly affect those around them, some leaving bad debts behind, loved ones lost and businesses in distress.

With a little piece information, our qualified private investigators can begin to search for your missing persons; we have successfully located missing people with just a name.

We provide the following Missing Persons services and more;

* Skip tracing missing debtors

* Locating family members

*Finding missing Children

* Business and company searches/ background checks

* Locating missing persons

* Personal name and asset searches

* Personal property securities register

* Property location private investigation

* Witness location and statements

* Locating missing Tenants

* National bankrupts checks

* Corporate private investigative reports

If you need to locate a missing person fast, we have a very high success rate and can help you today. In most cases our turnaround is 1-3 days which includes comprehensive report/searches of our private investigation and our prices are very competitive. Contact us now

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