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Jun 4, 2023

Hiring an Infidelity Investigator for Your Partner's Suspected Adultery

Is it worthwhile to hire a detective agency to investigate potential betrayal from a partner? What are the potential consequences of investigating this?

It's not uncommon knowledge that private infidelity investigators handle a considerable number of cases related to exposing infidelity. The pursuit of truth has historically developed, indicating that harm is unlikely.

Different investigations can evoke diverse opinions, and each perspective is worthy of merit. Certain individuals would not contemplate spying on their significant other, although some may be receptive to utilizing the assistance of professionals or carrying out their personal investigation.

Trust is necessary for any relationship from a moral perspective. Couples exchange vows of love, support, and loyalty, committing to never betray one another. However, life often presents unforeseen challenges, and many instances of infidelity have come to light.

Typically, clients approach investigators with reasonable suspicions, rather than baseless accusations. One must consider whether it is better to blindly continue trusting their partner or to take active steps to confirm or refute their suspicions.

As an investigator for a detective agency, I have personally handled many infidelity cases and played an active role in their resolution. In my experience, clients' suspicions are often well-founded, and cases are considered closed upon the presentation of photographic or video evidence and a detailed report of the investigation.

However, it's not always that straightforward! The most challenging cases, in my opinion, are those where no evidence of infidelity has been found. This is when complications arise. The client's trust becomes a double-edged sword, as they initially provided sufficient reasons for their suspicions when signing the contract, but now they're informed that no evidence has been discovered.

As a result, the client starts to think more deeply, and an outstanding global conspiracy takes shape in their mind. It appears that their partner employs advanced espionage techniques, always staying ten steps ahead and secretly laughing at their inability to be exposed.

Even the most sophisticated spy methods of gathering information don't yield positive results. However, there's always a "reasonable" explanation for each failure: bad weather, an overwhelming workload, "red days", and so on.

No hints or clues of infidelity are found, yet the client's suspicions only grow stronger. They eventually reach a point where they outright accuse their partner and insult them behind their back. The moment their significant other is out of sight for even a few minutes, the client becomes entirely convinced that something must have happened during this brief absence.

In situations like these, a private detective often finds themselves at a crossroads, needing to decide whether to continue accepting the client's money for their services or to convince the client that their suspicions are unfounded. Both options place the detective in a difficult position.

Accepting money for work completed may seem fair, but knowingly allowing a client to waste their funds is far from ideal. Unfortunately, there are some professionals in the private investigation industry who will intentionally play on a client's emotions for their own gain.

On the other hand, attempting to persuade a client against unnecessary expenses can also be detrimental to the investigator. The client may accuse them of incompetence, collusion with the opposition, or other wrongdoings. In response, the client may continue their surveillance efforts by hiring other detectives.

Ultimately, each private investigator must make their own choice regarding these dilemmas. It is important to note that contracts often include a clause stating that "the contractor is not responsible for the subjective expectations of the client."

When communicating with a client, a common question arises: "What constitutes evidence of infidelity, such as photo or video documentation of a meeting, or organising a surprise appearance at the right moment and time? Conversely, what evidence is required to prove the absence of infidelity? What can serve as proof of inaction - photos and videos of inaction?" These questions often lead to further inquiries regarding surveillance, recording, and other investigative methods.

Clients may find it difficult to accept any answer that contradicts their beliefs, often attributing blame to external factors or temporary circumstances rather than themselves. These situations are quite common, and it is often easier for the detective when their suspicions are confirmed, despite being the bearer of bad news.

Jealousy can sometimes escalate into a serious condition, from which complete recovery may be impossible. Similar to drug addiction, one can only learn to live with and manage the jealousy. This does not apply solely to a specific marriage, but to all subsequent relationships as well.

As you gain experience working on such cases, you'll begin to understand the many nuances that must be considered. Firstly, it's essential to be honest with clients and only discuss facts. Under no circumstances should you fuel the client's emotions with speculation or intentionally stir up their feelings. Even if you believe the client will remain stubborn, provide logical arguments to support your position. In private detective contracts, there's a clause stating that the detective can "cease providing the service if it is in the client's best interest."

Naturally, private detectives will do their utmost to persuade the client that their approach is illogical and, frankly, harmful. This should be attempted regardless of whether it appears to be successful or not.

It's important to recognise that this type of service, and particularly its results, will inevitably impact the tested relationship. However, you must remain level-headed and assess the situation logically, rather than being solely guided by emotions. Mother nature has designed us to perceive our surroundings based on what we want to see, rather than what is truly there.

In my opinion, it is necessary to investigate infidelity, particularly when there are reasonable suspicions. A skilled private detective will always offer advice and clarify whether your suspicions are warranted or not. Continually suspecting someone without taking any action can be even more detrimental.

How to Deal with Suspiciousness: Considering Hiring a Private Detective

When faced with the possibility of immersing yourself in a state of constant suspiciousness, chances are, if you're considering hiring a private detective, you may already be in that state. Before proceeding, it's important to set boundaries and ask yourself: "What evidence will I accept, and what does 'no result' mean to me?"

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Would you ever consider hiring a private detective to investigate your spouse? Share your opinions in the comments section below, and feel free to share this article on social media.

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