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May 18, 2023

Covert Outdoor Surveillance: A How-To Guide

An efficient approach to exposing undisclosed details about a person is through covert monitoring. Details about their lifestyle, social circle, business contacts, and frequented locations can all be revealed. To collect crucial intel on a subject, law enforcement agencies and private investigators often turn to this technique. The essentials of performing an outdoor covert surveillance will be discussed in this article.

Who Can Benefit from Covert Surveillance?

Surveillance that is secret can be beneficial in different scenarios, both professional and personal. Some common scenarios where this technique might be helpful include:

  • Monitoring a minor child to establish their lifestyle and ensure their safety
  • Investigating a spouse suspected of infidelity
  • Vetting a business partner before entering into a contractual relationship

Key Objectives of Covert Outdoor Surveillance

When conducting covert outdoor surveillance, the main goal is to continuously observe the subject while maintaining secrecy. The person being surveilled and any other individuals should never become aware that they are being secretly monitored.

To achieve this, follow these essential steps:

1. Select a discreet spot. The choice to choose an unnoticeable place which provides a clear perspective of the subject without causing disturbance to yourself can be made.

2. Blend in with the surroundings: Dress suitably to blend in with the surroundings and avoid suspicion by appearing like a regular bystander.

3. Maintain a safe distance: To ensure your safety, maintain a secure distance from the subject; keep it close enough to observe their activities without being noticed.

4. Stay alert: Continuously observe the subject and be willing to pursue them if they shift locations.

5. Document the findings: Take note of important details, such as the subject's activities, interactions, and locations visited.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively gather the necessary information about a person while maintaining the secrecy required for successful covert surveillance.

When to Conduct Covert Outdoor Surveillance

If you find any signs of your surveillance being detected, immediately suspend the operation and resume it after a few days to minimize the risk of being discovered. It's important to note that professional covert surveillance typically involves at least two teams, each consisting of two drivers in vehicles and four personnel on foot. However, the number of staff can be increased based on the complexity of the task.

When amateurs conduct surveillance, it's usually carried out by two or three people, with only one person having practical experience in the field, such as a private detective hired by the client. This method is not recommended for professionals.

Each member of a surveillance team should have experience in observing a subject and possess tactical knowledge about the operation. They should also be familiar with basic disguise rules to minimize the chances of being discovered.

Covert surveillance can effectively help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Determine a child's lifestyle

  • Identify a child's social circle

  • Find out the places a person visits and spends their leisure time

  • Establish business contacts with a partner

  • Determine a person's workplace

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