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Feb 27, 2020

How to find an old loved one-Finding missing persons is an easy task

How to find an old loved one is simpler when we use a search engine like google instead of visiting each school, university, and social media site separately.

Finding Missing Persons Anywhere In The World? Expert Tips From Top Rated Private Investigator in Sydney

We all wonder, sooner or later what happened to so-and-so. Especially as we get on in years and think about what might have been. A quick comment before we start. Not everybody wants be found by a ‘blast from the past’. Your particular person may have put you behind them. With that said, let’s examine how to find an old loved one anywhere in the world.

How to Find an Old Loved One on the Internet

It stands to reason we are going to have to search for the person on the internet. This is great – provided we have a game plan – because we can dip in and out of it at any time we have a moment and a connected device. There’s no rocket science in learning how to find an old loved one this way. However we do need certain information before we start:

  • 1. The person’s full names, nicknames, and the form of address they liked most
  • 2.  Where they attended school, college and university depending on their case
  • 3.  Their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, preferences, and probable career path
  • 4.  Their qualifications, training, and any professional registrations you know
  • 5. Their deeper values and interests, if you like what gives their life a purpose

Google Is Still the Best Way to Start Looking

How to find an old loved one is simpler when we use a search engine like google. Instead of visiting each school, university, and social media site separately, we can do a jumbo search following this logic (these are just two examples ‘out of the blue’).

1.  person’s name school name OR university name

2.  person’s name twitter OR facebook OR linkedin

When we get a ‘hit’ we can investigate further on the websites we find. If we don’t have any success take a lucky dip by searching under ‘images’ not ‘all results’. You could be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

See If You Can Find Contact Information Next

Most social and community sites allow members to post profiles where some add phone numbers, email addresses, and personal blog details. These are all avenues you can use to reach out. However do remember your missing person may choose not to respond.

If none of this gets you anywhere, try searching for a mutual friend you once shared. They may know how to find an old loved one you cannot locate yourself. Or at the very least tell you how they are. Licensed Private Investigators at AusCovert Investigations posts this advice as a service. If you would like us to assist you further please call 1800 553 788 or write to us here.