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Sep 19, 2019

How to Find Where Your Delinquent Debtors Went

Delinquent debtors often defraud the people nearest them, and you may find kindred spirits keen to join in the hunt as you follow our method. [ Visit homepage https://missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au/ ]

If we end up having delinquent debtors, the thought often dawns ‘how could we have done business with them in the first place’. Especially when many turn out to be serial delinquents, and they left a long trail of confidence tricks behind them. Being thorough about reference checking can help avoid this, provided we do not accept excuses for glaring information gaps.

If delinquent debtors still get through our defences, we will glad we used a comprehensive credit application form, and checked the provided information carefully. For we may have no start point for our search if we did not.

Skip Tracing Delinquent Debtors Using Their Credit Application

We base our search on the debtor’s name, address, phone number, and workplace. We also factor in employer references listed in the credit application, and details of close family members and any other referees. We can then trace the people on our list, using a combination of internet searches, social media, and telephone directories.

Family members, neighbours, and workmates at past employment are also useful sources of information. Delinquent debtors often defraud the people nearest them, and you may find kindred spirits keen to join in the hunt. The government also keeps a surprising amount of useful information in records that are in the public domain.

Skip Tracing Delinquent Debtors Using Credit Reports

Credit records available for a fee from Equifax, Illion, Experian, and Tasmanian Collection Service contain the following information:

  • Personal Details: Name, date of birth, driver's licence, previous and current addresses, and employment history.

Credit History
: Credit and loan applications, over-dues, defaults, and other infringements.

 Repayment History: When amounts were due, plus any late payments and any payments missed.

 Other Information: Court judgements, debt covenants, personal insolvencies and business bankruptcies

The names of the creditors in these records can enable direct contact of victims of the same delinquent debtors. These people may also be rich sources of useful tracing information.

Other Useful Information in the Public Domain

The government maintains public records of births, marriages, divorces, property ownership, and deaths. While delinquent debtors may provide false information in credit applications and contracts, they are generally honest when it comes to their personal records. However, depending on the date the information may have become irrelevant.

Services Offered by AusCovert Investigations

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