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Aug 15, 2019

Why People Go Missing All Over Australia

The reasons why people go missing include escaping from something, suffering trauma, and undue influence by other people. We examine all three reasons here. [ Visit our homepage https://missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au  ]

People go missing for various reasons. Sometimes they want to escape an unbearable situation. At other times, they experience trauma that affects their behaviour. The final reason why people go missing is when someone is exercising undue influence over them. We examine these three causes separately, although many of our cases are a combination.

Private Investigator Sydney's Tips: The Three Main Reasons Why People Go Missing


The things people hope to escape from by going missing include persons they find overbearing, and situations with which they are unable to cope. The former may include their family, their workmates, and perhaps even their boss.

The situations why people go missing can include overwhelming debt, and making a huge mistake about something. These may all be gradually catching up on them, through a police investigation or a pending court case.


When a person vanishes for no apparent reason, we often contact hospitals and police stations first in the vicinity where they were last seen. Sometimes we find they were in a motor accident that left them in intensive care and unable to communicate. At other times their trauma is psychological.

Psychological trauma is damage to the mind as a result of a severely distressing event. Sufferers are unable to separate themselves from the symptoms, and may often turn to substance abuse for relief. Their memories may fail them due to dementia, or they may be unable to admit what happened. People in this situation sometimes turn up in shelters or mental hospitals.


The third main reason why people go missing all over Australia is the influence third parties hold over them. The missing person may fall hopelessly in love with someone they feel offers them a fresh start in life, after they successfully seduced them.

Forced abduction is something completely different, because the missing person is not part of the decision to vanish without trace. If you suspect this happened to a loved one you must take urgent action, right away.

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