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Jun 25, 2019

How to Find a Missing Person and Ask Them to Come Home

We need to understand the situation from the missing person’s perspective, when trying to find them and reunite with them at home. Going missing is not a crime. Freedom of movement is a basic human right, although the police will take minor children and the aged into protective custody if they believe they are at risk. We start from this perspective when considering how to find a missing person in Australia. We have three important questions to ask ourselves before we begin. [ Visit our homepage https://missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au/  ]

Local Sydney Private Investigator Sydney's Tips On How to Find a Missing Person - The Three Important Questions

  • First, we need to try to understand why the person went away. Was it something we said or did, or were they under another person’s influence? What do we have to change before they return, if we want them to stay? What do we have to change about ourselves?

Secondly, we need to figure out where they may have gone. Understanding how to find a missing person by narrowing down the search zone can greatly speed up the process. People often seek shelter in familiar places among friends during a crisis, including an emotional one.

Finally, we need to ask ourselves whether our missing person really wants to come home, or indeed if they can, given the recent trauma that drove them away. If we pursue them too soon, we may drive them further away. If we love them, we should ask what is best for them, not ourselves.

How to Find a Missing Person - If We Decide It’s a Wise Move

The best way to start looking for people is often following the social trail they leave behind. We can often do this from home, which is another advantage. Start by contacting anybody you know who may be able to help. Social media searches are often gold mines of contacts.

Stay in touch with the people you engage this way. Your missing person is unlikely to be upmost in their mind, so you have to keep them aware of the situation and any progress. They are far more likely to want to help if you keep them in the loop, so they feel part of the search.

That’s About As Far As You Can Go - What Happens Next

A dedicated private investigator can add real value, if you contact them soon before the trail goes cold. We employ specialist detectives who know how find a missing person in Australia using a wealth of experience over decades.  Please contact AusCovert Investigations if you need help. You can call 1800 553 788 now if you like.