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Jan 22, 2019

How to Find a Missing Person in 6 Steps

Here is how to find a missing person in six steps, if you prefer to look for a lost relative yourself. The most important thing is to bring them back alive. Most missing people return to friends and families within a few months. Some may take a year or longer, while a few vanish permanently. We solve most of our cases within three days.

If you prefer to look for a lost relative yourself, here is how to find a missing person in six steps. The most important thing is to find them, and bring them back alive.

  1. Advise the police as soon as possible. Going missing is not a crime, and you do not have to wait for a day to pass. Write down the investigating officer’s details and stay in regular contact. You have a better chance if you are upmost in their minds.

  2. Obtain legal access to the missing person’s home and look for clues. They may have left a note for you. If their computer is still on, you may be able to check recent traffic. Look for critical notes in their diary in the weeks before they vanished.

  3. Conduct a systematic review with their family, friends, employer and work mates. Consult hospitals, medical professionals, and the coroner. Then do thorough research on the social media. Find their pages. Contact their cyber friends. They may want to help.

  4. List your missing person at the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre (NMPCC). Call the Office of the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children in Australia if your relative is a minor. The number for Crimstoppers is 1800-333 000. 

  5. Post an A4-size flyer containing the missing person’s details, including age, gender, when last seen, and their likely clothing. A clear, recent image will encourage a response. List your own plus a few friends’ contact details. Do not encourage mischief by offering a reward. This is not how to find a missing person safely because you may end up with a blackmailer instead.

  6. Do reach out to journalists with the right portfolios. Newsrooms, radio stations, and television stations are always hunting for fresh local news with a human angle. Don’t be tempted to allow an ‘exclusive’. You want to reach the widest possible audience.

Contact a Competent Private Investigator Within Two Days.

We have used the tips we gave ourselves with success, and they can achieve results for you if the circumstances are right. However if you have not heard anything after two days, you may have a more complex problem and you have already ‘burned’ 48 hours.

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