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Sep 17, 2018

Missing Persons Investigation Checklist

A missing persons investigation checklist helps us gather our thoughts, after we discover they suddenly vanished without warning or saying goodbye.

A missing persons investigation checklist helps us gather our thoughts, after we discover they suddenly vanished without warning or saying farewell. Time is of the essence during this initial period. That is because their trail is warmest and our memories are freshest right after the event. Here are some thoughts to have running through your mind as you prepare to speak to a detective.

Topics on a Missing Persons Investigation Checklist

  • How much personal information do you know about the missing person? Here we are talking basic stuff like full name, phone, nickname (if any), birthdate and place of birth. This part also includes a summary CV of where they have lived and with whom, as well as former and current employers.

  • Try your best to remember what your missing person was doing when you last saw them, and any person with whom they may have been. Did you notice anything unusual to add to your missing people’s checklist? Did they mention being concerned or upset about something?

  • What styles of clothing do they prefer to wear, and what are their favourite colours. Perhaps you remember the clothes they were wearing just before they vanished. Don’t forget the obvious things like spectacles and sunglasses, and a favourite handbag or tote.

  • Knowing the person’s lifestyle makes them easier to spot. Knowing the places they frequent, may make them easier to find. Think about the things that make their personality stand out. If they drink or smoke, what is their favourite brand?

  • Finally, what is their program for weekdays and weekends? Do they rise early, sleep late etc.  An accurate physical description forms a key part of a missing persons investigation checklist. A recent photo adds depth to a listing of height, weight, age, and so on. Also, their hairstyle, facial hair, tattoos, skin and eye colour, and any distinguishing marks.
  • If your missing person was planning a holiday, what was their destination and how were they planning to get there? Perhaps they were sharing ideas with a travel agent, or their social media friends.

  • Finally, but very importantly what do you know of the person’s physical and mental health, and any disabilities they may have. Are they taking any medication?  If you suspect they have an addiction, tell the investigating officer. This is not a time to hold back sensitive information.

The final page on a missing persons investigation checklist contains details of all their friends, acquaintances, and service providers to whom they may reach out. This advice comes to you with complements of Missing Persons in Australia [ missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au ], the private detective agency in Queensland you know you can trust. Phone 1300 553 788 or 0401 553 551 after hours if you have a missing person you need found.