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Aug 30, 2018

How to Find a Missing Relative Yourself

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How to Find a Missing Relative Yourself

We start looking back to the carefree days of youth as we become a little older. Especially those extended family holidays we shared with cousins. We may have lost contact when our family moved towns after times got tough. If you are curious to know how one of them turned out, you might be able find a missing relative yourself in one of these ways.

Four Ways to Find a Missing Relative Almost Anywhere

1 Enter everything on a spreadsheet you can remember, row by row.

Then look back at the info and tag it ‘likely’, ‘possible’, guess’, and so on. Next, explain to family members you hope to find a missing relative they may remember. Interrogate them gently about the information they share, so you can tag its likelihood as well.

2 Next, Google for the Missing Relative You Hope to Find

Before you start, sort your data into sets describing appearance, hobbies and interests, qualifications, and anything else that seems relevant to you. There is little point in simply entering ‘Mary Williams’ or ‘Brian Jones’ when doing a Google Search, because there are thousands of them all over the world. Try adding the suffix ‘.au’ to search within Australian results. You can also add their interests, or the name of any town you associate with them.

3 Then Try to Find Your Missing Person on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg originally built Facebook to help people find each other, and share their news. While the search engine is limited nowadays, with a little persistence you may stumble over the person for whom you are searching. As a second string, try to locate a few other people who may know them. Who knows, you may even find a missing relative on their list of Facebook friends.

4 Finally turn to the Australian Government for Help

The government has an extensive register of births, marriages, and deaths. Select the state and territory, and then the online registry for historic records. After checking your missing family member is still alive, try to find out whether they are still married. And that important clue, the name of their spouse.

If your missing family member married in another country, or passed away there, then the above ideas may not assist at all,. Each country has its own system, and it takes time to figure it out. Our company, Missing Persons in Australia has networks right across Australia, and in other leading countries too. To find a missing person quickly, simply call 1300 553 788 and ask for help or email info@missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au