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Jun 30, 2018

Why people go missing

Quite often going missing is a sign of a deeper trauma. Some missing persons in Australia have mental problems, addictions, and mounting debt.

Missing Persons in Australia: Where Have They Gone?

The Australian National Missing Persons Coordination Centre reports 38,000 people go missing in our country every year. Most return of their own will, or someone finds them within a short period. However, 2,000 vanish for over three months or even forever. These numbers may be only the tip of the iceberg of missing persons in Australia, because of the stigma attached.

Why is There is a Stigma Attached to Missing Persons in Australia

Our missing people are not guilty of a personal disgrace. Firstly, going missing is not a crime in itself. Moreover, we have all felt like running away at some time of our life. Which of us never played truant from school?

Quite often going missing is a sign of a deeper trauma. Some missing persons in Australia have mental problems, addictions, mounting debt, or are just unable to connect and sync with society. Others are running from broken relationships or lost hopes. We should reach out to these people and try to help.

Where Dr Sarah Wayland Believes Our Nation is Letting Them Down

Dr Sarah Wayland is an independent Australian public health researcher and social work supervisor. She made a passionate appeal at the end of National Missing Persons Week. She believes we are not particularly good at closing the loop when missing persons come home.

“To date,” she regrets, “my systematic review of the literature reveals that no Australian research focuses on understanding the population of returned missing people - other than knowing how many cases are resolved. By the end of my PhD I realised that we don’t know the emotional, physical or economic costs that accompany going missing, from the returned missing person’s perspective.”

Are We That Different From the UK? We Doubt It

Britain is doing a better job of following up on what happens to missing people after they return. The ‘Geographies of Missing People’ project revealed a third of them go missing more than once, while “almost 80 per cent also report mental health concerns”.

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