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Mar 24, 2018

How to Find a Missing Person

Knowing how to find a missing person is a question of following a logical process. Broadly speaking, there are three stages to this. Find them here.

How to Find a Missing Person as Efficiently As Possible

It’s essential to remain calm when somebody special suddenly vanishes. Panic is our worst enemy, but staying calm is a friend we need. Knowing how to find a missing person is a question of following a logical process. Broadly speaking, there are three stages to this, namely:

  • Tapping into immediate community support
  • Liaising with local and state authorities
  • Hiring professional assistance from a specialist

How to Find a Missing Person: The Three Key Days

DAY ONE - Tapping Into Local Community Support

There may be people in your immediate environment who could tell you how to find a missing person you are looking for. Friends and family are an obvious place to start. Can they think of a reason why they vanished, when they last saw them, and so on.

Spread your net a little wider by putting signs in places where people gather, like supermarkets and bus stops. They will have more impact if you can include a photo.

Reach out to their friends on social media platforms they use. Post a message that should be on their news feeds once they accept your invitation.

DAY TWO - Liaising With Local and State Authorities

First, visit your nearest police station and file a missing person’s report. They will need a dossier of personal details. Follow this link for more information.

Next, tap into the organized world of government, where you may find helpful people with digital databases containing your missing person’s details. Contact local jails and hospitals ... you must leave no stone unturned.

Finally on day two, list your missing person on the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre database. This free resource is a long shot. However, it could be how to find a missing person and reunite you.

DAY THREE - Obtain Professional Assistance from a Private Investigator

Many Australians have reunited with missing friends using one of these above strategies. However the trail tends to grow cold after a few days, because people simply forget and move on with their lives. Your missing person may have travelled a distance, and already be far away from their local community.

At times like this, it may make sense to ask a private investigator to take the case further. Missing Persons in Australia [ http://missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au ] has been doing this for over twelve years, and we have a notable record of accomplishment to share. Please contact us on 1300 553 788 for assistance and advice. We know how to find a missing person efficiently, and we more than often do.