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Jan 27, 2018

How to Find a Missing Person: Gold Coast’s Young People

While the real estate and tourism industries go to great lengths to argue that Gold Coast living is different and exceptionally good, some things remain the same. The reasons for young people disappearing are similar to those behind younger missing persons in Australia everywhere. The report by the Australian Institute of Criminology accessible at this link goes into considerable detail about these, and we thought their findings would make interesting reading.

Find a Missing Person Gold Coast Wide: Knowing Why They Left

After comparing the Australian situation with the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the researchers conclude that the report by Swanton and associates is still generally relevant. This confirms the following main reasons for younger missing persons in Australia, and thus Gold Coast children disappearing, in no particular order as follows:

1 Difficulties with caregivers or parents (sexual abuse, discipline, or violence)

2  Problems outside the home such as bullying or poor school term results

3  Pressure from family and friends about personal things they cannot change

4 Disturbed and poorly adjusted children being dissatisfied with home life

These were all reasons that drive children away from their home environment to an uncertain future. The 5th reason the researchers homed in on was wanting a more stimulating lifestyle, and being “attracted to life on the streets and the sense of freedom and adventure that pulled them from the security of their homes”.

From this it follows that understanding the personalities / lifestyles of young missing persons in Australia - and their drivers – may help us to find a missing person, Gold Coast wide and beyond.

Understanding the Personalities of Younger Missing Persons in Australia

Henderson and Henderson added another layer of understanding in Missing People: Issues for the Australian Community when they described the following characteristics of youngsters who abandoned their families:

  • Someone below18 years of age and living with parents
  • A student last seen at home where they lived
  • A person for whom running away is not out of character
  • A socially rebellious personality with a history of running away
  • Someone labouring under short and / or long-term stressors

The Role of a Private Detective from Missing Persons in Australia

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