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Dec 27, 2017

How to Go About Finding a Missing Person in Australia

The best way to go about finding a missing person in Australia depends on how recently you last saw them, and to what age category they belong. We should search for an older person with failing memory immediately, as should we a young child that is unable to take care of itself. Older teenagers and adults able to cope on their own for a while, require a more measured approach because they are deliberately concealing themselves.

Finding a Missing Person in Australia Who Is Elderly or a Young Child

Several things need to happen quickly, so gather a small group of family members or friends. Share these tasks among them based on who is best suited.

  • Driving around the neighbourhood
  • Speaking to neighbours in the same street
  • Phoning the police, hospitals, mortuaries and red cross
  • Following up with friends they might have gone to visit
  • Arranging a mention on the local radio station
  • Making signs and putting them up on community notice boards

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Finding Out Where an Older Teenager or Adult Has Gone

Older teens and adults tend to go away deliberately, as opposed to younger children and seniors for whom the move is usually spontaneous and unplanned. Check with the police, hospitals, mortuaries and red cross first in case they are ill or injured. Then speak to their friends, put up your signs, and wait a few weeks to see if they return. There is a 95% chance they will come back.

What to Do if a Missing Person Did Not Return

We do not have much faith in missing person boards because to be honest missing people seldom visit them, and that pretty much applies to the new friends they make.1 There are really only three ways of finding a missing person in Australia. These are

1 Wait passively in the hope that they will eventually come back

2  Go out proactively, visit the places where they might be and find them

3 The Third Way to Go About Finding a Missing Person in Australia 

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