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Oct 27, 2017

How to Find a Missing Person – Gold Coast Private Investigator Explains

The missing person phenomenon is no respecter of age and gender. The Australian Federal Police confirm that around 35,000 people become missing persons in Australia annually, but mostly only for a while. Of them, 85% reunite with their loved ones within a week, with a further 14.5% eventually turning up.

Young people continue to be the largest number of Australia missing persons at a little more than half. The next biggest group are seniors. Quite often when we find a missing person Gold Coast police have been searching for, it turns out they have disappeared before.

2014 – 2015 Queensland Annual Statistical Review

At Queensland state level, the statistics below reveal more. Of the 2859 missing persons whose age and gender are on record, 627 lived in Brisbane (22%), 369 were from Central (13%) and 625 from Northern region (22%). The South Eastern region accounted for 451 (16%), with the South contributing the remaining balance of 782 (27%). We rounded these figures to the nearest whole number.

 Missing Adults in Queensland by Gender & Age

The following data extracted from the table above shows that males are more likely to be missing persons in Australia. This affirms a general trend of the male population having a greater propensity to wander. We find it interesting that the gap widens slightly from 50 – 59 to 60 Plus, given the propensity for females to live longer, and hence become the larger number in their age demographic.

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