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Aug 17, 2017

Missing Persons in Australia – Why So Many Young People?

Google ‘find a missing person in Australia’ after selecting images, and we face thousands of pictures of people who were happy once. It is a depressing sight, especially since so many missing persons in Australia are children, teens and young adults. We turned to the Australian Institute of Criminology to find out why.

But first, let’s hear what the Australian Federal Police are doing. Their National Missing Persons Coordination Unit’s main role is to ‘reduce the incidence and impact of missing persons in Australia, and to educate the Australian community about this significant issue’. The police, and private detectives such as ourselves are the ‘bobbies on the beat’ doing our very best to deal with the consequences.

Why So Many Missing Persons in Australia Are Still Youngsters

The criminologists identify child abuse and neglect as the main reasons why so many attempts to find a missing person in Australia involve finding a young person. Other contributors include family violence, family conflict, alcohol and illicit drug use, school bullying, racism and mental health. It is a tragedy that so many neighbours and relatives are aware these things are happening, but are reticent to do anything about it for a variety of reasons.

The Institute suggests the following three-pronged approach, since so many repeat runaways are from institutions, foster homes, and disrupted / dysfunctional family units.

  • *  Developmental crime prevention and early intervention


  • *  Prevention of child abuse and neglect


  • Prevention of youth suicide

The Department of Community Services hosts several pathways to prevention aimed at countering antisocial behaviour among pre-schoolers, changing social perceptions at schools, and assisting parents of teens to become more dynamically supportive.

How We Could Bring Down the Number of Missing Persons in Australia

Clearly, any solution must be broad-based and inclusive. When we point a finger at parents, schools, the police, or the troubled kids themselves four fingers point back to us. We, the people of Australia are the society that allows these dysfunctional things to happen. We need to set a better example.

For as long as politicians bicker, criminals steal, and confidence tricksters rob us, the generation-in-making will think, ‘okay, so we can do this too’. When social justice comes down hard on them they want to disengage, and many try. We can often find a missing person in Australia in a few days, although we sometimes wish we did not have to.

We Could Help if You Have a Missing Person Anywhere in Australia

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