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Jul 25, 2017

How to Find a Missing Person Gold Coast Detective Tips

The report by the Australian Institute of Criminology titled Missing Persons in Australia published 2008, continues to be an invaluable reference work because in our experience the underlying reasons continue unchanged. Quite early in the report, the authors introduce a concept of a ‘continuum of missingness’.


We find this better that attempting a one-size-fits-all explanation for people missing in Australia, and thought to share it.


This evidences the fact that people who may or do go missing are on a continuum of possibility. Merely having parents screaming at each other is not a guarantee of a runaway. If you are hoping to find a missing person, Gold Coast included, it is important to understand both the precipitating factor, and mental state that caused them to act that way.

The Australian Police National Missing Persons Coordination Centre highlights this phenomenon on their FAQ page when they comment. ‘Approximately one third of missing persons go missing more than once’. This suggests that we are dealing with a significant number of ‘serial disappearers’ among people missing in Australia. Their predisposition could be as large a contributor as the precipitating factors themselves.

The Institute of Criminology report drills deeper down into this by identifying two dimensions to the concept of a forced disappearance. At the one extreme we have abductions, and at the other situations causing unstable people to run away as a reaction to a triggering event.

Exploring the Continuum of Missingness Further

 The report goes on to identify social indicators, other contributory factors, and possible outcomes on the four points on the continuum. This makes it easier to be proactive and predict people likely to join the people missing in Australia list. The extended chart can also be invaluable when embarking on a project to find a missing person Gold Coast wide, and indeed anywhere else on the globe.

What to Do if a Loved One Lost the Fight Against a Trigger

We now know with more certainty that a child facing social exclusion - or being forced into single parent custody - faces a higher risk of forced disappearance than one abducted by a stranger, and this just the beginning of the value of this table. If you fear a friend or relative has gone missing and hope find them please call Missing Persons in Australia as soon as you can, by dialling 1300 553 788 before the trail starts going cold. Or hire a private detective at https://www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/private-detective-gold-coast/