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Nov 8, 2016

Get Help to Find a Missing Person in Australia

The annual number of new Australia missing persons is steady at around 35,000, with 99.5% being reunited soon or within a year - and the rest joining the 1,600-odd stubborn cases. Going missing is beginning to look like part of the Australian way of life for some. Their loved ones are not without help though..


 Here are some of the many services available to help find a missing person in Australia, including our own private detective agency

1  The Australian Police have a dynamic website that regularly updates with profiles of the latest Australia missing persons. We are not sure how effective it is. If you suspect a person whom you meet is on the run it can be worthwhile looking there. They have a handy form for reporting sightings and you can add details of your own missing person too.

  • 2  The Australian Institute of Family Studies may be able to help find a missing person in Australia, by providing advice and connecting relatives with the appropriate government agency.

  • 3  Find and Connect is another useful government resource with tips on how to go about conducting a search, and handy links to related organizations.

  • 4  The Salvation Army’s family tracing service ‘Salvos’ has been highly successful, especially as it serves people in areas where others may not go. It recommends referring very urgent cases to competent authorities, as it has a huge caseload of Australia missing persons on its hands.

5  Each Australian state and territory has its own network to help relatives find a missing person in their region. Visit your nearest police station for help. In this regard, the Salvation Army has a brilliant ‘phone book’ on their website, which is well worth a second visit.

 So Where Does Missing Persons in Australia Fit In

We are a commercial operation. If we do not crack cases, we sink. Most of our business comes from referrals. We cannot take on more cases than we can manage. This makes us unique compared to the organizations we list above, and enables us make detailed, thorough investigations because we have sufficient resources and enough time for each case.

We solve most Australia missing persons reports brought to us in a matter of a few days, and we provide a free half hour initial discussion on the phone to see if can help. To learn more about we do, and establish whether we may be able to help please dial 1300 553 788. We are Missing Persons in Australia [ http://missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au ]and we find missing people in Australia every week.