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Oct 4, 2016

Missing Persons in Australia: What Happens to Their Relatives?

The report by the Australian Institute of Criminology into the matter confirms the need to provide support for family and friends left behind. It finds that as many as twelve people per incident suffer due to severing of close bonds with Australia missing persons.


  • *   37 percent suffer physical and/or mental health problems

*   23 percent of them seek some type of medical attention

 *  22 percent of people experience a major health impact

Counselling for Family and Friends of Missing Persons in Australia

Various possibilities present themselves. Physical and psychological care is available from the government but not always acted on for a variety of reasons. Many churches have counsellors, although these may be more suited to divorce and grievance counselling. The police do what they can within resource limits. The Salvation Army has a family tracing service supported by a team of experienced counsellors.

The Institute of Criminology survey reveals the greatest need of those affected by Australia missing persons is to know what is going on.

“Initially, you want to know someone in authority is interested and cares. During investigations, you need to be kept well informed of progress. It’s important along the way to see some sensitivity and empathy from police officers in processes like collecting DNA, communicating progress, completing paperwork, and so on.”

What We Can Do for Friends and Relatives

Personally, we believe it is important for all concerned to ‘be there for them’ and offer the advice and support they can. We do this as part of the service Missing Persons in Australia provides, however there is a limit to what we can do alone. While the 1,500-plus unsolved cases soon fade from public memory, the scars can linger even after the missing person has come home.

How Missing Persons in Australia Closes Missing Persons Cases

Our primary role is to shorten the anxiety friends and family feel. We do this by finding missing persons in Australia, and encouraging them to come home if they are adults because that is all we may legally do. Fortunately, the law allows us to tell families of the very young, the aged and those living with disabilities where to find them, on the basis that they need help and cannot make the decision alone.

We have solved many cases and helped hundreds of Australia missing persons come home in over ten years we have been in business. If you are similarly afflicted as a relative (or the missing person yourself) please call 1300 553 788 or leave a message on our secure site.