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Sep 13, 2016

What Hope is There of Locating Family Members in Australia?

Having a loving person disappear is devastating, and there is no debating that fact. The Missing Persons Unit of the Australian Federal Police reports new requests to help locate a missing person on average every fifteen minutes. The Australian Salvation Army confirms that while 99.5% of these people eventually reunite with families, a disturbing 1,600 have vanished for more than 12 months, and may never return alive. Most of them are adult males. 

Locating Family Members: The Most Likely to Go Missing

The requests we receive to locate a missing person usually relate to men and women living with mental illnesses, young people, and Australians with memory loss or dementia. One can arguably make a case that these people are relatively unstable compared to the healthy adult population. While there obviously are exceptions, this does suggest family and friends should keep a weather eye out for warning signs.

The Warning Signs of an Impending Disappearance

People who disappear often quietly prepare for the event. A teen may be secretly packing a rucksack in their bedroom, while a person with dementia may be carrying a photo of a loved one everywhere they go. When clients ask us to locate a missing person and are able to recall such details, these may provide valuable clues. What was in the teen’s travel bag? Who was the person in the photo?

We have been successful in locating family members by following clues like these. We found a teen who disappeared from Dalby, on Main Bridge, North Stradbroke Island within two days, after a pal told us she had bought a new swimming costume and a load of suntan cream earlier the same week. So yes, with your help we may be able to locate your missing person too.

Locating Family Members with Missing Persons in Australia

If you need our help to locate a missing person, our best advice is contact us as soon as possible. The first half hour of your initial consultation with us is free. If the person turns up shortly afterwards there is no harm, and it was our pleasure to be able to support you in your hour of need.

Please remember to gather all the information and other clues you have together, after you have called us at 1300 553 788, or emailed us from our website. We leave no stone unturned. Our thoroughness contributes largely to our success in locating family members.