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Jul 28, 2016

Missing Persons in Australia & How Missing Persons Week Helps

In late July and August 2016, the Australian Missing Persons Coordination Centre is hosting a series of related events in major urban areas across the country. The Federal Police’s theme is STAY CONNECTED. We decide to dedicate this blog in support of their campaign.

Please forward this news page to anybody you know who has a missing person in Australia, and put it in your Facebook and your Twitter so we spread the news as wide as possible. With help from Missing Persons Week, let us hope many more missing persons in Australia come home.

The Core Message of Missing Persons Week

The STAY CONNECTED theme is focussing on raising awareness of how missing people impact on the community, by leaving what it calls ‘frayed edges’ and broken hearts behind. The Federal Police want us to remain in contact with friends and family, so we do not drift apart, and lose each other completely in the haste and confusion of life.

The Missing Persons Week campaign - of which we append details below - wants to increase awareness of how missing persons in Australia cut deeply into the hearts of all involved. Any one of us, regardless of culture, educational background, gender, age or home language are at risk of this happening to us. If it does, we may face family disruptions, ill health, time off from work, and income contractions all deeply disturbing to us.

Before we treat missing persons in Australia harshly for the pain and trauma they cause others, we should hear what Missing Persons Week has to say about it first. Missing people must deal with huge disruptions too. Moreover, unlike those they leave behind they often have no support group to turn to for help. In the case of teens especially, we should remember they went missing to escape a situation they found intolerable.

Approximately 30,000 people from all walks of life go missing in Australia every year. This affects the lives of 360,000 friends and family members, especially the 18,000 who may never see their loved ones again. 

How Missing Persons in Australia is Helping

Missing Persons in Australia provides a confidential service in the hope of bringing them all home one day. We have been remarkably successful in finding missing persons in Australia in matter of a few days. May we help you find a missing person? Please call 1300 553 788. You can call now.