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Jul 7, 2016

Skip Tracing to Find Missing Persons Who Witnessed Accidents

Skip Tracing is a particular method to track down a person who has disappeared, without leaving behind obvious clues. The earliest skip tracers date back to Neolithic times, when our ancestors followed animals across bush and deserts by noting their often almost invisible spoors,

American coined the term ‘skip tracing’ to find missing persons to describe marshals chasing after criminals who skipped town after committing crimes. By then, methods had become more sophisticated than a sheriff and his posse chasing desperadoes through the Badlands, after they blew up the town’s bank and made off with money. [ Visit for help: www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/skip-tracing ]


A Modern Approach to Skip Tracing to Find Missing Persons

Whereas in the precious examples trackers found clues as they went along, and zigzagged as the information changed, today’s skip tracers accumulate all the information first, and then frequently head directly for their target thanks to the vast amount of digitised information available on the Internet.

Thanks to this, private detectives no longer have to visit archives. Moreover, holding professional registration with the government enables us to apply for court orders to access information outside the public domain. It can be astounding how a missing person’s street address appears miraculously in the data.

Skip Tracing to Find Missing Accident Witnesses

Injured parties have a great ally in skip tracing to find missing persons when these are potential witnesses too. The aftermath of a serious motor accident at an intersection can be chaotic for friends and family members trying to help a victim. They may remember a voice that said ‘my name is John Smith, I saw what happened, call this number, I am from out of town’, but fail to find the scrap of paper the witness wrote their phone number on later, when they look.

Professional skip tracers go to great lengths to trace witnesses who may be able to help them pinpoint the causes of a collision. Their first recourse is to police reports and insurance claims, and then CCTV video footage if there was a camera nearby. News media are a valuable source of clues because they have unpublished photos in their archives. A recent breakthrough followed after we found a photo showing a registration number from another town.

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