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Jun 28, 2016

Tips to Find Missing People on Google

Google has really changed our lives. We can search for shopping bargains in local shops and restaurants, and see how our previous homes are looking nowadays on Google Earth. Google also produces great results when we want to find missing people we have not seen for a while. We thought it would be useful to share the experiences we have gained on the internet; in the hopes of helping you catch up with a contact you have lost.

Types of Google Searches to Find Missing People Sooner

      1. The Exact Match Search: Putting your search string inside double quotes for example

“Mike Jones”

      asks Google to find the exact phrase. It will not return results containing ‘Michael Jones’, just as if you typed

“Michael James Jones”

      it will not report anything about ‘Mike Jones’. Using less words on our search strings makes it easier to find missing people.


2. The Exclusion Modifier: If we were searching for a ‘Mike Jones’ and it turned out one of them is an actor who just won an Oscar that would produce a large number of unwanted results. If we typed

“Mike Jones” -Oscar

      this would reduce the impact.

“Mike Jones” –“Oscar Awards”

      will not work as well, because Google will ignore all the ‘Oscars’..

2. The Query Combiner: To change the subject slightly, let’s search for Australia’s Catherine Martin who has won four Oscar Awards. Because there are probably thousands of ‘Catherine Martins’ we type

“Catherine Martin” AND Oscar

      hoping not too many Catherine Martins are married to men with the name Oscar!

4. The Similar Query Search:  Let’s imagine for a moment we are researching an actor who uses an assumed name. An example would be Elton Hercules John who was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight. If we wanted to cover all our bases, we would type

“Elton John” OR “Elton Hercules John” OR “Reginald Kenneth Dwight”

      . Of course the more scope we give Google the lengthier the results.

5. The URL Specific Search: If we want to find missing people in Australia we can include


      in our search string and Google will only return results from websites with web addresses ending that way. Using


    will produce fewer commercial results and in theory professional advice.

We hope you found our tips for finding people on Google interesting. If you do not succeed this time call 1300 553 788 and speak to Missing Persons in Australia. We find missing people faster, and we could do so for you too.