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Jun 2, 2016

Top Tips for Skip Tracing to Find Missing People on Social Media

Using skip tracing to find missing people starts with gathering as much information as we can. Once this phase is over, the next move may be obvious. Breaking news is especially valuable. Nowadays it is possible to trace a missing person’s thoughts and movements on the social media. How often do not get messages over Facebook saying “in <place> now and this is my hotel”.


Why Skip Tracing to Find Missing People is So Effective

The mobile internet has made skip tracing to find missing people possible anytime and anywhere we have a moment. If the subject has skipped to another country, for example from Australia to Italy, we can hire a freelance virtual assistant in a similar time zone in Africa or Europe to cover for us while we are asleep.

Reasons Why Skippers are So Easy to Find on the Web

The social media have become so irresistible to people, that they interrupt conversations to catch up on the latest Twitters and share them. We have become transparent in ways we never were before. When we accept an invitation on Linked-In, we add people to our circle without thinking about it for a moment.

Skip tracing to find missing people on the social media can be as simple as searching for their name and joining the conversation. The social media have become a security blanket. Remember Linus who took his blanket everywhere he went on Charles Schultz’s Peanuts comic strip? Logging in to social media has become our constant companion.

How People Who Have Skipped Give Themselves Away

Unless they know about skip tracing to find missing people over social media, many skippers literally give themselves away. They make new friends where they settle with whom they want to stay in touch. What better way is there to share information than Facebook, especially as it encourages photos?

Skippers leave footprints in virtual sands everywhere they go. Law enforcement officers and private investigators know many social media outlets use geo-tracking software to allow their users to log in at different locations. Investigators use tools like WeLink and Hootsuite to monitor conversations in defined areas when skip tracing to find missing people. They can even do this in a single street or square.

Need Help Skip Trace Service To Find Missing People on The Internet?

The technology is evolving faster and we specialise in the topic. If you require assistance with skip tracing to find missing people, please call Missing Persons in Australia at 1300 553 788, or find us on this page or visit [ www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/skip-tracing ]
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