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May 27, 2016

Skip Tracing in Australia: An Insider’s View

Skip tracing in Australia may date back to the Great Depression that followed the Wall Street crash of October 1929. By mid-1932, almost thirty-two per cent of Australians were out of work. Historian Wendy Lowenstein remembers how, ‘people were forced into … all sorts of shabby and humiliating compromises … fathers deserted the family and went on the track’. Skip tracing in Australia took off as mothers searched for absconded fathers, and companies sought out delinquent debtors who had ‘skipped town’.


Skip Tracing in Australia: What is Different Today?

Ask any tracker in the Outback rounding up lost cattle, and they will tell you the animals leave trails behind them their owners may not notice. A tuft of hair snagged on a thorn reveals the direction of travel and that is only one of many clues they find. Folk who disappear like those poor people in the Great Depression often scarcely think to conceal their tracks at the time. Today, much information critical to skip tracing in Australia is on mobile phone records and shadow memories on computers.

Methods Skip Tracers Follow to Find a Missing Person

The skip tracer’s task - like almost every other technique in the private detective’s toolbox - is time consuming and requires meticulous attention to detail. Our skip tracing in Australia begins with collecting every scrap of information our client has available regarding the case. Then we meticulously sift through it in search of behavioural clues. Examples of themes we find include;

1 The past work roles of the missing person

2  Cities and suburbs where they lived previously

3  Professional associations and personal interests

4  Friends they may turn to for help if in trouble

After completing this first phase of our skip tracing investigation, we turn our attention next to information about the person in the public domain. We trace their social media pages, and find out whom they were talking to around the time they disappeared. There are many other information sources at our disposal. We have had remarkable successes with databases of telephone numbers, credit records, and criminal background checks when skip tracing in Australia.

Where to Go For Skip Tracer in Australia

Private detectives and law enforcement officers are often able to access tax returns, social security records etc. by obtaining a search warrant. If your own efforts to skip trace in Australia are not bearing fruit, please call Missing Persons in Australia on 1300 553 788, or contact us through our website where you will find more information about skip tracing in Australia (Visit: www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/skip-tracing  )