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May 11, 2016

Find Missing Persons in Australia using Skip Tracing

‘Skip Tracing’ is an industry-specific term for finding someone who has absconded. The person has usually walked away from a personal obligation and may be:

  • A director with corporate responsibility
  • A partner who milked the bank account
  • A professional with access to trust accounts
  • An employee who stole intellectual property
  • A parent who abandoned their minor children

Hence finding missing persons in Australia using skip tracing does not refer to tracking down missing children, elderly people, accident victims, and others who have disappeared involuntarily. There are however overlaps in the methods used.

How to Find Missing Persons in Australia using Skip Tracing

A private investigator faces what may seem a daunting task to laypersons at the beginning of the search. In the examples that we mentioned, an absconder may go to quite extraordinary lengths to hide their trail. They face two challenges in their attempts to so. Private investigators exploit these weaknesses to find missing persons in Australia using skip tracing (Visit: www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/skip-tracing )

The First Weakness Skip Tracers Exploit: Habit

Habits are semi-autonomous behaviour patterns etched into a primitive processing centre deep below our neocortex. Animals need them to survive because they are incapable of logical thought. Habits are difficult to break, even harmful ones like substance abuse we know is wrong.

Skip tracing is the process of gathering as much information about the subject that we can, including habits, and then sifting it and sorting it to build a personal behaviour profile. The aspects we are most interested in when finding missing persons in Australia using skip tracing include:

  • Career interests, associations, and hobbies
  • Accommodation types they prefer most
  • Towns they have lived in previously
  • Close friendships they have

A straightforward example would be a person who grew up in Brisbane, retained a friendship from their Brisbane State High School days, has qualified as an accountant, and likes to live in apartments with breaker views. Things are seldom that simple in reality!

The Second Weakness Skip Tracers Exploit: Identity

Steps by governments to clamp down on urban terrorism and money laundering have made it harder to conceal or change identity. When finding missing persons in Australia using skip tracing, we follow the trail they leave on bank accounts, tax returns, and social welfare records. We can often obtain this information using search warrants and access addresses on forms.

How to Obtain Professional Skip Tracing Services

Missing Persons in Australia offers a free initial thirty-minute consultation to determine whether we may be able to find a missing person in Australia using skip tracing, or another method. To avail yourself of this opportunity please dial 1300 553 788, or contact us through our website, where you will find more information regarding finding missing persons in Australia using skip tracing.

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