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Jan 13, 2015

Skip Tracing’ & ‘Find a Missing Debtor’ - What’s the Difference

Missing Persons in Australia uses a wide array of methods to hunt down missing people, including debtors who have skipped town without paying what they owe. In fact this is where the term skip tracing comes from. Several other professions also use the same technique. They include journalists, police detectives, repossession agents and lawyers tracking down key witnesses.


Some private detectives prefer the term find a missing debtor. We believe there is little difference between skip tracing and find a missing debtor because of overarching similarities between the two. So let’s skip semantics and find out what happens in reality.

Tracing people who have ‘gone underground’ is a hard, painstaking slog regardless of what Hollywood suggests. It involves accumulating every detail about the person possible, and then putting these together as a jigsaw puzzle that may reveal their whereabouts. Sometimes we find the information on databases. At other times, we visit colleagues, neighbours and friends they know. Quite often they are keen to speak to the target about outstanding matters too.

Some of the databases we consult are in the public domain. These include telephone directories and credit histories. Others including criminal records, tax returns and social security history require search warrants before we can access them. Courts are more likely to grant these to law enforcement officers and government-registered skip tracing & find a missing debtor agencies such as Missing Persons in Australia. This is where we often make a difference.

As cohabitation grows in popularity compared to traditional marriage, many couples are opting for shared utility accounts, mortgages and so on because this is a handy way to prove their relationship when necessary. While one party may take trouble to conceal their whereabouts their other half seldom does. This so-called ‘back door’ has helped us many times to trace a missing person who may have been less than honest.

Australian law enforcement comes down hard on offenders guilty of ‘stalking’ or breaching the privacy of a third party in other ways. Skip tracing & find a missing debtor without understanding the boundary between legal and illegal can be dangerous. Do not run the risk of ending up on the back foot, especially if the amount owed to you is large.

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