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Oct 20, 2015

5 Important Tips to Help Find a Missing Person

Approximately 30,000 people go missing every year in Australia, affecting an estimated 350,000 close family / friends or approximately 1.5% of the population. Those affected are unlikely to repeat the experience, making it perhaps the most troublesome period in their lives. If you find yourself in this situation, here are five important tips concerning what to do when searching for a missing person.

  1. Do not Delay: While you puzzle over what to do, your loved one could be moving steadily further away. This could be beyond the radius of people who might be able to help, and deeper into trouble if they are in trauma of some kind. Whatever else you do, do not delay taking action. Hours may matter, not to mention days.

  2. Create a Data Sheet: Whether you rely on friends, speak to the police or contact us by calling 1300 553 788, people are going to need a photograph, a personal bio, a list of friends, your own opinions and so on. Do not underestimate the importance of this information. This could be the most important thing you do to find the missing person.

  3. Speak to the Police: The police are at the centre of communications in your area, and are up to speed with reportable incidents. They also have a hot line to hospitals and shelters. This makes them the most effective resource to turn to in the early hours of a missing person incident. It is such a pity their resources are so stretched.

  4. Involve the Community: Try to remember you are not alone, no matter how lonely and distressed you feel. Contact the missing person’s friends and work colleagues. The chances are at least one of them may have detected a worrisome trend. The missing person may even be overnighting with them.

  5. Use the Social Media: Through the social media, you connect to friends, acquaintances and their contacts. This vast network could even connect you to strangers in your street, but you never know until you try. Post a picture of your loved one with information when last seen. At the very least, gestures of support will carry you through the period.

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