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Sep 24, 2015

Skip Tracing – How We help Lawyers and Finance Companies

Skip tracing is a laborious process whereby a trained investigator examines the minutiae of a person’s life who vanished, after failing to settle or even negotiate their debt. Missing Persons in Australia assists lawyers and finance companies trace these people with significant success. We have cracked a number of high profile cases down the years.


The Origin of the Term Skip Tracing

We believe the term to be of American origin, although there are certainly Sherlock Holmes-type moments owing to the thoroughness of the method. Skip tracing has featured in several movies, including the 2009 comedy Skiptracers and the 2013 movie Identity Thief. It derives from the idiom ‘to skip town’, meaning to leave in a hurry, but hopefully to drop enough clues along the way to make it possible for the investigator to trace them to their new location.

Types of People We Have Skip Traced For

While we most definitely draw the line at bounty hunting or bail bond enforcing, we have assisted a variety of clients in the past. They include debt collectors, journalists, process servers, repossession agents, and occasionally police detectives - and naturally a number of finance companies and lawyers that bring us repeat business too. If you have an urgent skip tracing requirement you may call us at 1300 553 788 now.

How Our Skip Tracing Works in Practice

We adopt a thorough, experienced-based approach when collaborating with lawyers and finance companies while skip tracing. They often have a wealth of valuable information at their fingertips, but are unsure how to convert it to useful clues. We start by amassing every shred of evidence we can lay out hands on, by following up on every avenue that materialises as our investigation gains momentum.

We access information from credit applications and reports, criminal background checks, job application information, utility bills, phone number databases, social security data, and public tax information. Much of this material is duplicated (such as names of relatives), and our first task is to reduce it to a minimum. Then we verify every aspect by working through it piece by piece. This produces a timeline that we extrapolate to know where to look first.

How to Engage Our Skip Tracing Services

We offer a free initial interview without any obligation. During this first half-hour period, we explore the situation with the client to determine whether we can assist, what the prospects are, and quote for services as may apply. To know more please email Missing Persons In Australia or dial 1300 553 788 now.
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