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Aug 20, 2015

Private Investigator Brisbane's Blog: How to Find a Missing Person in Brisbane

Your first response to discovering that a person you know has disappeared in Brisbane and you fear for them, should be to contact the Queensland Police at your nearest Police Station. Insurance companies expect their clients to act responsible. Moreover, if the person is a minor and you have care over them, the Police could consider you negligent if you did not even ask them how to find a missing person in Brisbane or (elsewhere in Queensland).


Queensland Police Definition of a Missing Person

Verbatim off the website a missing person is ‘any person, whether an adult or a child, reported to police whose whereabouts is unknown and where there are reasonable and justified fears for the safety or concerns for the welfare of that person’. Note the keywords ‘unknown’ and ‘reasonable fears’.

The fact the Queensland Police have an interest in such matters does not make disappearing a crime. They exist to protect the citizens who pay them, and dedicate themselves to protecting them. However, they do sometimes battle to cope with 5,000 missing person reports flooding in every year, many of them from Brisbane. That works out to almost 14 people every day on average, which is scary.

How to Find a Missing Person in Brisbane Faster

A missing person could include a loved one, a family member, an old friend from way back you want to reunite with, someone who owes you money, a witness in a court case or even a missing heir. If your need is urgent and the person went missing in Brisbane or anywhere in greater Queensland, then you should consider asking Missing Persons in Australia for help because we really care and have the time to dedicate to your case.

How Missing Persons In Australia Makes a Difference

We understand how to find a missing person in Brisbane often within 3 days, because we have more than 12 years’ experience in the Australian Private Investigation industry. During this time we have found hundreds of missing people in every state and territory. We ascribe our success to working carefully, diligently and following up every actionable lead.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team of Private Detectives all over the country we can call on, and this gives us an excellent chance of following up on every possibility. Now you know how to find a missing person in Brisbane quickly and effectively, please call our head office on 1300 553 788 for a free consultation, or send us an email if you prefer. http://www.missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au/