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Jan 12, 2015

Australia Missing Persons - Fact and Fiction

According to Australian police records, they receive a missing person report on average every fifteen minutes. That is ninety-six a day or 35,000 a year. Of these, 85% report in within a week in one way or another. In the end, 175 are gone forever or 0.05%.


The Legalities of the Matter

You may report anybody to the police as having disappeared, although in Australia missing persons do not commit a crime. Instead, running away is a personal matter unless psychological health intervenes. If a parent is the guilty party, the family court makes the decision, although this can lead to a criminal charge.

In reality, disappearing is almost never an act of free will. It is more a matter of circumstances closing in and making going walkabout seem the only option. The drivers behind the decision include mental difficulties, social problems and economic woes. Next time you see a friend or family weighed down like this; do something before it is too late.

Some Interesting Statistics

Going missing can be addictive. One-third of folk who temporarily disappear vanish more than once. Serial behaviour like this needs bottoming out, because it flags a deeper problem that needs attention. Australia missing persons are under eighteen years of age by a startling two-thirds ratio.

This means close to 23,000 teenagers become deeply disturbed every year, yet no one seems to notice. Most times, they are hanging out and sulking with a friend. That adds another pair of parents who share a common problem, and should do something about it.

Australia Missing Persons You Can Report

Although individual members of the police force may regard a missing person as low priority, the law obliges them to log each complaint and action it. This includes serial vanishers, because each report is a fresh incident in terms of their own rules.

However our privacy laws prevent them from disclosing the whereabouts of people that they find without their permission. The only exception is a missing child or mentally challenged adult where circumstances can override this. Fortunately, abductions by strangers are rare.

Where Missing Persons in Australia Fits In

It is an open secret that our police – no matter their best intentions – are seriously overworked and sometimes unable to touch sides. Priorities pile up on priorities to the extent that an Australia missing person can unintentionally fall off the radar.

By comparison, we are dedicated to the topic and have amazing depth of knowledge. We are not saying we are better than our law enforcement colleagues. It is more a question of having the time to do more.

To tap into the Missions Persons in Australia experience base, please call our control centre on 1300 553 788 at any time it suits. If you are personally affected please do so now, so we can get going right away.

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