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Jul 1, 2015

Finding Missing People from Australia Elsewhere

The Nepal earthquake and its aftershocks affected hundreds of our own young people. This raises the question of what parents ought to do when their son or daughter announces ‘I am going to take a gap year and I want to see the world.’ It is pointless trying to prevent this happening as it could lead to a breakdown in family relationships. Many of the young missing people Australia is still searching for left home after a disagreement with their mum or dad.


Staying in Touch with Kids during Gap Year

The most appalling thing about a disaster such as this is waiting for the news. Some Australian parents may have had no idea where their children were when the earthquake struck, and how to start the search. While many youngsters do try to stay in contact, few backpackers are on fixed schedules. Moreover, when they change their immediate plans they may not have internet access to tell anyone back home about it.

That said, they do socialise with fellow citizens whom they meet, and exchange information they know about the road ahead. These conversations often take place in backpackers’ hostels. Our advice is to ask your child to message you at each overnight stop with the name and contact details of the establishment. This establishes a ‘last seen’ point that becomes the logical place to start a search.

Consider asking your son or daughter to provide their mates’ contact details so you can ask someone in the foreign country that knows them for advice. Australian backpackers overseas maintain good networks with their compatriots. It is also comforting to have someone to chat to ‘over there’.

How Missing Persons in Australia Finds People Overseas

We are in regular contact with colleagues in various countries who assist us as we sometimes assist them too. We act as a liaison point between our Australian English-speaking clients and our overseas counterparts who speak the language little, if at all. This relieves our clients of the added stress of trying to understand a different culture so they can focus on the core issue.

Please call 1300 553 788 or send an email enquiry to learn more about our overseas services, and whether we might be able to help you bring your missing person from Australia home. For more info, please checkout the homepage, http://missingpersonsinaustralia.com.au