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Jun 29, 2015

How a Private Investigator Can Help Locate a Missing Person In Australia

Every fifteen minutes another person joins the Australian missing persons list. The Federal Police provide this shocking statistic and it may just be the tip of the iceberg because we will never know the true numbers. These people all go through trauma despite the fact that the overwhelming percentage return home eventually. This makes it vital to speed up the process as much as possible.


I Have Heard Many People Do the Job Themselves. Why Do I Need You?

That excellent question deserves an answer. For every successful private search, there are more failed ones. We know this because many clients turn to us after they have run out of options themselves. By then the trail has run colder and much of the psychological damage has happened. That said, they are sitting on a goldmine of personal details that a private investigator may never know.

People close to missing persons often cannot see the obvious despite the fact it stands out to a skilled investigator. They may also lack the nuts and bolts experience that took us decades to accumulate. The answer clearly lies in joining forces with a skilled professional. The expression that we can do more together is as true as ever.

How a Private Investigator Can Help You Locate a Missing Person

There are numerous benefits to working with an established private investigator with a record of cracking missing person cases in an average of one to three days,  

  1. We are skip tracing specialists and have 100’s of successful cases behind us

  2.  Our officers are up to speed with latest techniques and are government licenced private investigators

  3.  We stay in touch and provide comprehensive reports concerning progress

  4.  Professionalism, reliability, confidentiality and integrity are our hallmarks

  5.  Our prices are competitive, you can trust us and we will not let you down

  6.  Thoroughness is the key to finding people and we will do the job properly

 How to Go About Engaging Missing Persons in Australia to Solve Your Case

Call AusCovert Investigations team at 1800 553 788, or complete a simple web form telling us how to contact you. The first half hour of our initial telephone conversation costs you nothing, and you will learn a great deal in that time. If you decide you want to go ahead – and that is entirely up to you - then we will bid a price and if you accept start working right away. Does that sound like an offer to consider carefully?