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May 3, 2015

Update on Missing Persons in New South Wales

The situation in New South Wales continues to cause concern, with the NSW Police Force reporting over 160 people going missing in the Premier State each week. Officials stress that these are only the cases brought to their attention, and that there are probably more. Input from communities, tracing agencies and the police themselves help ensure that 99% of missing persons in New South Wales eventually find their way back home.

The moving average of 160 per week, or 8,320 annually is 28% below the total 11,595 reported missing in New South Wales in 2010. Young people continue to make up 65% of the tragedy, with seniors the next largest group. Behind the names of these missing persons in New South Wales lie personal traumas of various kinds, whether they have made the decision themselves, been abducted or were lured away.

Why the Rate of Missing Persons in New South Wales is Down

There are several possibilities why the number appears to have dropped. Possibly, social interventions by the government to publicise the warning signs have taken effect and family members are becoming more responsible in dealing with these.

Going missing is not a crime. Missing Persons in Australia hopes the statistic is not an indication of a lower reporting rate. We have to keep our courage up and exploit every hope of finding missing persons in New South Wales.

Agencies Able to Assist With a Search

  • The NSW Missing Person’s Unit provides support via its police stations. To find the one nearest you enter your post code at this link.


  • The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service has networks in 92 countries and is active in the NSW, QLD and ACT areas among others.


  • The Family and Friends of Missing Persons Counselling Service is also available to help you in your need with practical support.

None of these agencies can help they know your situation. All missing persons in New South Wales must be reported as soon as possible.

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