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Mar 24, 2015

Private Investigator Australia's Blog:Tips for Finding a Missing Person In Australia

Of the 30,000-odd Australians who go missing and vanish every year, a good 95% reunite with their families within weeks. This is because their decision to disappear was on the back of an emotional uptick. When a loved one goes missing, we have little way of knowing whether they belong in the 95% or 5%. Thus, we cannot afford to wait and see what happens. Finding a missing person may be the decisive factor in persuading them to return home.


Private Investigator in Australia's Tips for Searching Missing Persons

Although disappearing has never been a crime, the Australian Federal Police have a duty to investigate it  -although they may have more important priorities than finding petulant teenagers staying overnight with friends. That said, they do have their finger on accidents and medical rescues, making it a good idea to report the matter. If the incident leads to an insurance claim you might be glad you did.

The Salvation Army, Churches and other shelters may also be places where your special person ended up in traumatised condition. The former are particularly good at helping people bent on finding a missing person. Any outside agency will need a folder containing a detailed description, photographs and so on. We will provide a list in another blog.

It is a good idea to involve as many other people as you can. By thinking through the missing person’s daily routines your mind falls naturally on school, employer, church, social club, particular friends and even public transport used. You will find people receptive and helpful, although do write down what you want to say first if you are going to phone. You have more calls to make, and they have other things they want to do as well.

Finding a missing person in this way is far better than riding up and down the streets in a panic. You are no longer alone and there could be a score or people out there helping. While you wait with your phone handily beside you do not forget Facebook and Twitter. If the missing person left their computer or mobile device behind, then their pages may open automatically when they load.

Helping Missing Persons By Top-Rated Private Investigator in Australia

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