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Jul 30, 2023

How To become a security guard in Brisbane, Queensland

To become a security guard in Brisbane, Queensland, you need to follow these steps:

 1. Achieve your Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (VCE, QCE, HSC etc) while acquiring basic training in first aid.

 2. Complete the Certificate II in Security Operations (CPP20218) with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) such as Australian Training Academy or Asset College. The required course is to apply for your Queensland Security Guard licence. The fees for the course could change hinging on both the provider and funding options.

3. Request a Security Provider Licence Class 1 with the Office of Fair Trading, which operates within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. You require this licence for employment in roles such as unarmed security officer, crowd controller, private investigator or bodyguard where personal protection and property guarding are involved. Applying requires complying with the eligibility criteria entails satisfying certain prerequisites like being above 18 years old, possessing a clean record without any disqualifying offenses, clearing a criminal history verification process and promptly paying the stipulated fee. Additionally, you need to attach copies of your security training and first aid training certificates., identity documents and photos in passport size. Applying online is an option or through completing and submitting the application form.

4. Get fingerprinted by the police as an integral step in getting licensed. Once you submit your application form, expect a contact from The Office of Fair Trading after you lodge your application form to give guidance on the necessary steps that should be taken.

5. Stay put until your licence is granted and distributed. This may take some time contingent upon the findings from your background check alongside additional variables.

6. Seek employment and acquire experience employed as a security guard. Searching for job opportunities online is an option or through security firms or associations. You also need to replace your license, if necessary, when necessary. Upskilling is also possible for you for more employment opportunities such as security risk management or armed security roles.