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Where Missing People Go to Hide

Missing persons we recover often speak of the utter loneliness of being alone. Let’s explore where missing people go to hide, when they have a choice. Where Missing People Go to Hide Approximately 35,000 people go missing in Australia every year. Those most likely to do so are those with a mental illness, young people, and aged people with dementia in that order. The Salvation Army confirms 1,600 of these disappear for at least a year, some forever more. Some 600 of the 35,000 people are abducted per the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The rest vanish deliberately, or simply drift away. Let’s explore where missing persons go to hide, when they have a choice

03 Oct

Missing Persons Investigation Checklist

A missing persons investigation checklist helps us gather our thoughts, after we discover they suddenly vanished without warning or saying goodbye. A missing persons investigation checklist helps us gather our thoughts, after we discover they suddenly vanished without warning or saying farewell. Time is of the essence during this initial period. That is because their trail is warmest and our memories are freshest right after the event. Here are some thoughts to have running through your mind as you prepare to speak to a detective.

17 Sep

How to Find a Missing Relative Yourself

Missing Persons in Australia has extensive networks, and in the world’s other major countries too. We offer a free half hour phone consultation. Call now. How to Find a Missing Relative Yourself We start looking back to the carefree days of youth as we become a little older. Especially those extended family holidays we shared with cousins. We may have lost contact when our family moved towns after times got tough. If you are curious to know how one of them turned out, you might be able find a missing relative yourself in one of these ways.

30 Aug

Why people go missing

Quite often going missing is a sign of a deeper trauma. Some missing persons in Australia have mental problems, addictions, and mounting debt. Missing Persons in Australia: Where Have They Gone?

30 Jun

The Search for Missing Persons

A Google search for ‘missing persons gold coast’ throws up a long list of recent posts. What is going on in Gold Coast? Is this business as usual? The Search for Missing Persons Australia Wide

24 May

Why use a private investigator to find a missing person

An honest answer to the question, “why use a private investigator to find a missing person” could be because we are more focussed, and solve cases. Why Use a Private Investigator to Find a Missing Person After our first, free half hour telephone conversation, people commonly ask us, why use a private investigator to find a missing person. Surely, they reason, I can do this myself now that everything is on the internet. Moreover, aren’t the police supposed to investigate crimes? The reality is different. Although the police investigate crimes, going missing is not a criminal offence in itself. Although they may look for a missing person if they suspect they committed a crime, of course.

25 Apr

How to Find a Missing Person

Knowing how to find a missing person is a question of following a logical process. Broadly speaking, there are three stages to this. Find them here. How to Find a Missing Person as Efficiently As Possible It’s essential to remain calm when somebody special suddenly vanishes. Panic is our worst enemy, but staying calm is a friend we need. Knowing how to find a missing person is a question of following a logical process. Broadly speaking, there are three stages to this, namely: Tapping into immediate community support Liaising with local and state authorities Hiring professional assistance from a specialist

24 Mar

How to Go About Locating Family Members Gone Missing

No matter how the Federal Police raise community awareness of missing persons in Australia through initiatives like Missing Persons Week , and the Stay Connected campaign, the truth and the sinking feeling that accompanies it only really strike when we find ourselves personally affected, and need help locating missing family members.

28 Feb

How to Find a Missing Person: Gold Coast’s Young People

While the real estate and tourism industries go to great lengths to argue that Gold Coast living is different and exceptionally good, some things remain the same. The reasons for young people disappearing are similar to those behind younger missing persons in Australia everywhere. The report by the Australian Institute of Criminology accessible at this link goes into considerable detail about these, and we thought their findings would make interesting reading.

27 Jan

How to Go About Finding a Missing Person in Australia

The best way to go about finding a missing person in Australia depends on how recently you last saw them, and to what age category they belong. We should search for an older person with failing memory immediately, as should we a young child that is unable to take care of itself. Older teenagers and adults able to cope on their own for a while, require a more measured approach because they are deliberately concealing themselves.

27 Dec

Skip Tracing Missing Debtors – What is in a Name?

Skip tracing missing debtors is a topic that often pops up in our news feed. This is deliberate. Attention to detail is an integral part of finding missing persons in Australia, although the term ‘skip tracing missing debtors’ can be confusing. We even had a dumpster company call us when their waste container went missing. For the record, we found it where they left it.

01 Nov

How to Find a Missing Person – Gold Coast Private Investigator Explains

The missing person phenomenon is no respecter of age and gender. The Australian Federal Police confirm that around 35,000 people become missing persons in Australia annually, but mostly only for a while. Of them, 85% reunite with their loved ones within a week, with a further 14.5% eventually turning up. Young people continue to be the largest number of Australia missing persons at a little more than half. The next biggest group are seniors. Quite often when we find a missing person Gold Coast police have been searching for, it turns out they have disappeared before.

27 Oct

Could My Elderly Parent Become Another Missing Person in Australia?

When we become older, our bodies age and our mental capacities gradually dim as we pass our ‘use by date’ of three score years and ten. Increasing life expectancy and lower fertility rates are shifting Australia’s population demographics. Seniors are increasingly likely to join Australia’s missing persons because there are proportionally more. The Australian Bureau of Statistics confirmed this trend following the 2011 Census

10 Sep

Missing Persons in Australia – Why So Many Young People?

Google ‘find a missing person in Australia’ after selecting images, and we face thousands of pictures of people who were happy once. It is a depressing sight, especially since so many missing persons in Australia are children, teens and young adults. We turned to the Australian Institute of Criminology to find out why.

17 Aug

How to Find a Missing Person Gold Coast Detective Tips

The report by the Australian Institute of Criminology titled Missing Persons in Australia published 2008, continues to be an invaluable reference work because in our experience the underlying reasons continue unchanged. Quite early in the report, the authors introduce a concept of a ‘continuum of missingness’.

25 Jul

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Where’s My Child?

The Sydney Morning Herald ran a good news story the other day regarding a 10-year-old-girl and her brother aged 13 who went missing for two weeks. Thankfully they survived to come back home, as do the vast majority of approximately 20,000 teens and children in Australia who go missing every year. We can usually find a missing person in Australia when we all pull together and we have technology on our side.

13 Jun

Get Help to Find a Missing Person in Australia

The annual number of new Australia missing persons is steady at around 35,000, with 99.5% being reunited soon or within a year - and the rest joining the 1,600-odd stubborn cases. Going missing is beginning to look like part of the Australian way of life for some. Their loved ones are not without help though..

08 Nov

Missing Persons in Australia: What Happens to Their Relatives?

The report by the Australian Institute of Criminology into the matter confirms the need to provide support for family and friends left behind. It finds that as many as twelve people per incident suffer due to severing of close bonds with Australia missing persons.

04 Oct

Australia Missing Persons: What Are the True Statistics?

The government takes a while to catch up on data regarding people missing in Australia. In the case of missing persons, this is not particularly serious because the overall trend appears unchanged despite a far-reaching police education program. The Missing Persons in Australia report drafted by Marianne James, Jessica Anderson, and Rudy Putt for the Institute of Criminology in 2008 continues to be a major reference work. 

18 Sep

What Hope is There of Locating Family Members in Australia?

Having a loving person disappear is devastating, and there is no debating that fact. The Missing Persons Unit of the Australian Federal Police reports new requests to help locate a missing person on average every fifteen minutes. The Australian Salvation Army confirms that while 99.5% of these people eventually reunite with families, a disturbing 1,600 have vanished for more than 12 months, and may never return alive. Most of them are adult males. 

13 Sep

Missing Persons in Australia & How Missing Persons Week Helps

In late July and August 2016, the Australian Missing Persons Coordination Centre is hosting a series of related events in major urban areas across the country. The Federal Police’s theme is STAY CONNECTED. We decide to dedicate this blog in support of their campaign.

28 Jul

Fresh Ideas for Finding Missing Family Members in Australia

Thirty thousand Australians go missing in Australia annually, of which 99.5% eventually return. This puts immense stress on those missing a family member, with an estimated 360,000 friends and family members affected. Those most likely to become involved in finding family members are parents of teenagers and small children, and the children of senior citizens. Being proactive is the best way to avoid the need for finding family members in Australia in the first place.

27 Jul

Skip Tracing to Find Missing Persons Who Witnessed Accidents

Skip Tracing is a particular method to track down a person who has disappeared, without leaving behind obvious clues. The earliest skip tracers date back to Neolithic times, when our ancestors followed animals across bush and deserts by noting their often almost invisible spoors, American coined the term ‘skip tracing’ to find missing persons to describe marshals chasing after criminals who skipped town after committing crimes. By then, methods had become more sophisticated than a sheriff and his posse chasing desperadoes through the Badlands, after they blew up the town’s bank and made off with money.

07 Jul

Tips to Find Missing People on Google

Google has really changed our lives. We can search for shopping bargains in local shops and restaurants, and see how our previous homes are looking nowadays on Google Earth. Google also produces great results when we want to find missing people we have not seen for a while. We thought it would be useful to share the experiences we have gained on the internet; in the hopes of helping you catch up with a contact you have lost.

28 Jun

How to Find Missing Persons in Australia Long Gone

Looking for a long lost friend can take you down all sorts of memories, can’t it? Perhaps you last saw them at your high school graduation ceremony just before your Dad took a transfer out of town. Maybe you were close enough to have a lovers’ tiff after you said something stupid, and you ignored their calls later the same day. Trying to find missing persons in Australia that vanished a long time ago used to be like a needle in a haystack. Nowadays we have the internet to help us search for information. When Google turns up millions of results, we can become disheartened. We wrote this post to encourage you with useful tips. If they do not turn up something, we are here to help.

22 Jun

Top Tips for Skip Tracing to Find Missing People on Social Media

Using skip tracing to find missing people starts with gathering as much information as we can. Once this phase is over, the next move may be obvious. Breaking news is especially valuable. Nowadays it is possible to trace a missing person’s thoughts and movements on the social media. How often do not get messages over Facebook saying “in <place> now and this is my hotel”.

02 Jun

Skip Tracing in Australia: An Insider’s View

Skip tracing in Australia may date back to the Great Depression that followed the Wall Street crash of October 1929. By mid-1932, almost thirty-two per cent of Australians were out of work. Historian Wendy Lowenstein remembers how, ‘people were forced into … all sorts of shabby and humiliating compromises … fathers deserted the family and went on the track’. Skip tracing in Australia took off as mothers searched for absconded fathers, and companies sought out delinquent debtors who had ‘skipped town’.

27 May

Find Missing Persons in Australia using Skip Tracing

‘Skip Tracing’ is an industry-specific term for finding someone who has absconded. The person has usually walked away from a personal obligation and may be: A director with corporate responsibility   A partner who milked the bank account   A professional with access to trust accounts   An employee who stole intellectual property   A parent who abandoned their minor children

11 May

Missing Persons in Australia – Locating Missing People from All Walks of Life

Things do not always add up. People fill such a void in our lives – family, friends and colleagues – yet we sometimes do not appreciate this while they are with us. When they go away – disappear, break up with us, fall ill, pass away – we sense a chasm within us that we find hard to bear, as we seek ways of locating missing people we miss an awful lot.

05 May

How to find a Missing Person In Australia

Some missing person searches start decades after the parties broke off contact, when one of them decides to re-establish the link. This is often in the hope that closure will bring peace.

19 Apr

Find Missing Persons in Australia using Skip Tracing

‘Skip Tracing’ is an industry-specific term for finding someone who has absconded.

28 Mar

Missing Persons in Australia – Locating Missing People from All Walks of Life

Things do not always add up. People fill such a void in our lives – family, friends and colleagues – yet we sometimes do not appreciate this while they are with us. When they go away – disappear, break up with us, fall ill, pass away – we sense a chasm within us that we find hard to bear, as we seek ways of locating missing people we miss an awful lot.

20 Mar

Missing Person Investigations - Finding Lost Family and Friends

There is nothing more traumatic than finding the far side of the bed empty in the morning when you wake, or the cradle unoccupied when you go to feed the baby late at night. Panic steps in, followed by a hollow feeling in your stomach and then a numbness sweeps over you. While it is tempting to deny the situation in the hope that it comes right, the reality is the sooner you follow up the better when it comes to missing person investigations.

10 Dec

How to Search for a Missing Loved One in Australia

Every year, approximately 30,000 people go walkabout from their families in Australia. This number has been constant for years, despite best efforts of the federal government. It is like a disease gnawing at the psyches of those affected. The Police, the Salvation Army and other Charities do their best. They all know how to search for a missing loved one in Australia from experience. We decided to dedicate this post to a few practical tips.

01 Dec

Knowing How to Find a Missing Person in Australia

Knowing How to Find a Missing Person in Australia is both a science and an art form. It has scientific aspects including following established pr1inciples and methods, documenting results and reaching logical conclusions.  However finding missing persons is also a creative process in which the investigator develops a unique set of hypotheses that transcend past experience, at least in detail.

16 Nov

5 Important Tips to Help Find a Missing Person

Approximately 30,000 people go missing every year in Australia, affecting an estimated 350,000 close family / friends or approximately 1.5% of the population. Those affected are unlikely to repeat the experience, making it perhaps the most troublesome period in their lives. If you find yourself in this situation, here are five important tips concerning what to do when searching for a missing person.

20 Oct

Skip Tracing – How We help Lawyers and Finance Companies

Skip tracing is a laborious process whereby a trained investigator examines the minutiae of a person’s life who vanished, after failing to settle or even negotiate their debt. Missing Persons in Australia assists lawyers and finance companies trace these people with significant success. We have cracked a number of high profile cases down the years.

24 Sep

How to Find a Missing Person in QLD

Queensland, being the third most populous Australian state, and having a stunning environment attracts millions of visitors from Asia, Europe, New Zealand and North America - and from within the country every year. While Queenslanders hope they have a great time and leave as happy friends, it is sad truth that some do manage to go missing. Missing Persons In Australia publishes this short guide on how to find a missing person in QLD in the hope of ensuring that all turns out well in the end.

14 Sep

How to Find a Missing Person in Brisbane

Your first response to discovering that a person you know has disappeared in Brisbane and you fear for them, should be to contact the Queensland Police at your nearest Police Station. Insurance companies expect their clients to act responsible. Moreover, if the person is a minor and you have care over them, the Police could consider you negligent if you did not even ask them how to find a missing person in Brisbane or (elsewhere in Queensland).

20 Aug

Missing Persons in Australia: The Facts

A missing person is someone who disappeared from sight and knowledge of loved ones, and whose fate and location remains a mystery. Australian police add the rider ‘and whose case is known to us’. While this is the only way to evaluate their success rate fairly, the reality is that we may never know the total number of missing persons in Australia.

11 Aug

How Skip Tracing Can Help Locate Your Missing Debtor

It can be unbelievably frustrating when someone you trust decides not to pay your loan back and vanishes. We recently helped a client find a friend who disappeared after she mortgaged her home to settle his arrears. Bad debts in business can cripple the owner with negative cash flow. We have solved many similar problems with skip tracing, and decided to chat about how this method can help locate your missing debtor in this blog.

19 Jul

Finding Missing People from Australia Elsewhere

The Nepal earthquake and its aftershocks affected hundreds of our own young people. This raises the question of what parents ought to do when their son or daughter announces ‘I am going to take a gap year and I want to see the world.’ It is pointless trying to prevent this happening as it could lead to a breakdown in family relationships. Many of the young missing people Australia is still searching for left home after a disagreement with their mum or dad.

01 Jul

How a Private Investigator Can Help Locate a Missing Person In Australia

Every fifteen minutes another person joins the Australian missing persons list. The Federal Police provide this shocking statistic and it may just be the tip of the iceberg because we will never know the true numbers. These people all go through trauma despite the fact that the overwhelming percentage return home eventually. This makes it vital to speed up the process as much as possible.

29 Jun

Are There Proven Ways to Find People in Australia?

That depends on what you mean by ‘proven way’. Our dictionary defines this as an established method. That said, not every cake turns out perfect and not every search for a missing person yields the desired results. We suggest the following ways to find missing people in Australia in the interests of a quick resolution. If you are unsuccessful, you may like to call us for a free assessment .

07 Jun

Missing Persons in Queensland – The Ins and Outs

Of the over 30,000 people the Australian police report missing every year, as many as 5,500 may be missing persons in Queensland. While the New South Wales total can be double this, states with smaller populations like Tasmania and the Northern Territory only get as far as a few hundred. This goes to show the tragic phenomenon is no respecter of persons, and affects all of us and some point in time. Here is a list of things you ought to do if caught up in the drama.

14 May

Update on Missing Persons in New South Wales

The situation in New South Wales continues to cause concern, with the NSW Police Force reporting over 160 people going missing in the Premier State each week. Officials stress that these are only the cases brought to their attention, and that there are probably more. Input from communities, tracing agencies and the police themselves help ensure that 99% of missing persons in New South Wales eventually find their way back home.

03 May

How to Locate a Missing Person in Australia

Clients approach us with a variety of reasons for wanting to re-establish contact with someone they miss. Typical examples are school pals, childhood sweethearts and someone with whom they shared good times. Others are more interested in recovering debts. Despite these differences, the secrets of how to locate a missing person in Australia are similar.

27 Apr

How to Go About Locating a Missing Person Of Interest In Australia

In its narrowest sense, a ‘person of interest’ is a term U.S. law enforcement uses to describe someone who is part of a criminal investigation, although not yet officially accused. In the missing people business, they are anyone connected to a missing person who may be able to help close the case. Here are a few examples that may help you understand the concept. After that, we’ll pass on a few tips for locating persons of interest you need to speak to.

14 Apr

Tips for Finding a Missing Person In Australia

Of the 30,000-odd Australians who go missing and vanish every year, a good 95% reunite with their families within weeks. This is because their decision to disappear was on the back of an emotional uptick. When a loved one goes missing, we have little way of knowing whether they belong in the 95% or 5%. Thus, we cannot afford to wait and see what happens. Finding a missing person may be the decisive factor in persuading them to return home.

24 Mar

Knowing How to Find a Missing Person In Australia

This is almost an open-ended question! If your teen ran away before, they may be retracing their steps. This is certainly true of seniors with dementia who often go down memory lane in search of something in their past. At other times, there may be a secret lover somewhere in the background. If you suspect you know who that is then your clue could be where they stay. Hence there is no golden key to the question ‘how to find a missing person’.

08 Mar

Missing Persons in Australia – The Dementia Challenge

Family members, friends and sometimes employers report some 35,000 people as having vanished every year in our country. The actual number of missing persons in Australia is likely to be higher, although there is no way to calculate this accurately. Fortunately, the overwhelming number reunite with their loved ones in a few weeks. The private detective company Missing Persons in Australia is proud to have assisted in a number of these cases.

04 Mar

Should Australian People Search For Loved Ones?

Clearly yes, any other answer would be out of kilter, don’t you think. Perhaps a better way to phrase the question could be to add the word ‘themselves’. You see, when Australian people search for missing friends and family they usually have little or no experience of how to go about it. In the process they may lose several precious hours and disturb vital evidence. Missing Persons In Australia decided to highlight a few important things to think about

23 Jan

Skip Tracing’ & ‘Find a Missing Debtor’ - What’s the Difference

Missing Persons in Australia uses a wide array of methods to hunt down missing people, including debtors who have skipped town without paying what they owe. In fact this is where the term skip tracing comes from. Several other professions also use the same technique. They include journalists, police detectives, repossession agents and lawyers tracking down key witnesses.

13 Jan

Australia Missing Persons - Fact and Fiction

According to Australian police records, they receive a missing person report on average every fifteen minutes. That is ninety-six a day or 35,000 a year. Of these, 85% report in within a week in one way or another. In the end, 175 are gone forever or 0.05%.

12 Jan

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