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How much information do I need to give you to find my family member?
You will be surprised at what we have found with just a little piece of information! Of course the more information you can provide us the better; however sometimes just a name, date of birth (DOB) or approximate age and/or the last known address is enough to locate a missing person.

I am looking for a bad debtor, can you help us?
Yes, we certainly can. We have access to numerous databases and have experienced Private Investigators who can directly locate your bad debtor fast.

How long does it take to find a missing person?
In most cases we can achieve results within 1-3 days, sometimes sooner. Each missing person case is different and some can take longer if covert surveillance is required.

I need to serve papers to a missing person, can you help?
Yes, in fact we work in conjunction with process servers and/or commercial agents. After we locate your missing person we can put you in touch with our associates to take the next step in having the missing person served the relevant documents.

I need to find my child's / children's mother can you help?
Yes, we successfully locate missing mothers or fathers and rogue family members every year.

I think my daughter’s boyfriend is lying to her about his work, living arrangements and financial situation, can you help?
Absolutely.  Not only can we verify an address, we are in fact  increasingly doing background checks on potential ‘new’ family members who claim to be something they are not.  Family is important and we can help give you peace of mind fast in strict confidence.

Can you help locate a witness?
Yes, with our extensive databases and other proven investigation methodologies we can help locate them fast and even interview them too.

Do you locate historic tenants from rental properties?
Yes, we can. We have specialised rental database information and access to other investigative networks to locate ex tenants.

Can you find Missing Persons that are ex-employees?
Yes we can.  In the past we have even located the employee had moved to and assisted in recovering the company car they had not returned to the employer.

Is Missing Persons In Australia service affordable?
Yes!  With our systems and processes in place we can provide cost effective and affordable options to locate missing persons fast.

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